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Serebro Law serves its business clients as an outsourced in-house counsel. We provide them with legal assistance with various issues that privately owned businesses face in the course of their existence: from formation to dissolution, from investing to borrowing money, from obtaining licenses to undergoing tax audits, from entering into transactions to relocation, from administrative violations to terminating employees, from expanding into new markets to protecting their legal rights.

In the commercial and residential real estate arena, we help those who buy, sell, invest, relocate, expand or develop to meet their goals and objectives.

We represent international clients in multi-national joint ventures and various business transactions as well as help them to establish offices and subsidiaries in the United States.

We help those around the globe who seek legal immigration into the United States by contributing into the American economy to make their dreams come true.


Serebro Law Services:
  • Business, Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Real-Estate Law
  • International Clients
  • Assets Protection
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Special Legal Needs
Detailed Legal-Service Listing:
1. Business, Corporate and Commercial Law
  1. Mergers and Acquisitions of Privately Held Companies
  2. Start Up Businesses
  3. Private Investments and Lending
  4. Joint Ventures
  5. Agreements Among Business Partners
  6. Commercial Contracts
  7. License Agreements
  8. Administrative Violations (Building, Fire, Police)
  9. Corporate Advice
2. Real-Estate Law
  1. Buying and Selling Commercial Properties
  2. Real Estate Development, Construction and Financing
  3. Investment and Lending
  4. 1031 Exchange
  5. Office Leasing
  6. Retail Leasing
  7. Industrial Leasing
  8. Triple Net Leasing
  9. Buying and Selling Private Houses, Condos and Coops
3. International Clients
  1. Opening Representative Offices in the U.S.A.
  2. Transactions with American Counterparts
  3. Forming US companies
  4. Business Immigration
  5. Taxation
  6. Privacy Issues
4. Assets Protection
  1. Protection of clients’ personal and business assets from creditors’ claims
  2. Buy-Sell Agreements
5. Commercial Litigation
  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Employment
  3. Non-competition
6. White-Collar Crime
  1. Tax Evasion
  2. Fraud
7. Special Legal Needs
  1. Private Investigation
  2. Assets Search
  3. Background Check